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About Us


About Us

Shamric Life Science is a certified pharmaceutical company based in Lucknow, We operate on a distinctive business model known as "PCD". PCD or Promotion cum Distribution is a unique model of business that empowers the youth to provide entrepreneurship opportunities in their field. PCD helps people to think big and guides them step by step to become a company owners in their field. Recently the business of the PCD model in India has grown well and has grown tremendously. Shamaric Life Sciences was one of the few PCD pharma companies in Lucknow that introduced the concept with this company and they are all growing rapidly today.

Shamric Life Science has a clear vision to make India proud globally with its high-quality products, and medicines and to make India a low disease rate and a healthier world which will be much easier to live in. We are a top PCD Pharma company in Lucknow to serve our nation and deliver a great quality of PCD products at a relatively lower price than other PCD Pharma company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Today, consistency in quality and hard work has made Shamric Life Science synonymous with the top PCD Pharma company in Lucknow, headquartered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The success of the entire division has been the driving force behind working hard and launching new innovative divisions that will empower many.


Happy Patients & Clients

Shamric Life Science is a leading Pharma Franchise Company in Lucknow with a focus on the betterment of life through innovation and integrity for the stakeholders. PCD Pharma Company in Lucknow being a supplier of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Ayurvedic medicines at very affordable prices maintain complete integrity and dedication toward its customers. So specifying the criteria, one can choose the most convenient and affordable PCD Pharma company in Lucknow.
OUR Product

About Product

Fever Sheild 500 mg / 650mg

It relieves pain in conditions like headache, Fever, Body Pain or Toothache.

  • Centrally acting inhibitor of cyclooxygnases
  • Standard antipyretic and analgesic for mild to moderate pain starts
  • Rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the gestrointertinal tract
  • Safe, effective for the treatment of postopereative pain following the surgical removal of lower wisdom teeth
  • Devoid of side effects commonly observed with the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Eliminates barriers, Enhance relief

Directly inhibits PGE2 secreation at the site of inflammation. An NASID with greater COX-2 Specificity when compared to Diclofenac Sodium.


Well known Antipyretic and analgesic. Relives mild to moderate body pain.


The proteolytic enzyme that experts benefits in painful inflammatory conditions time tested anti-fibrinolytic, Anti-Oedemic agent.

Vildaric M

Vildadliptin 50mg & Metformin 500mg Tablets

Right Move Against Type-2 Diabetic Complications


Vidagliptin a member of the islet enhancer class, is a potent and selective dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Inhibitor that improves glycemic control. Vildagliptin inhibition of DPP-4 results in increased fasting and postprandial endogenous levels of the incretin hormones GLP-1 (glucogon like peptide 1) and GIP (glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide)


Metformin hydrochloride decreasese hepatife glucose production, decreases intestinal absorption of glucose and improves insulin sensitivity by increasing peripheral glucose uptake and utilization. Metformin hydrochloride stimulates Intracellular glycogen synthesis by acting on glycogen synthase and increase the transport capacity of specific types of membrane glucose transporters (GLUT-1 and GLUT-4)

Dosage: One Tablets Daily With Meal Or As Directed By Physician.

Control Sugar................Enahnces Quality Of Life

Also Available: VILDARIC-50 Vildagliptin 50mg Tablets

  • Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants Capsules
  • Ginseng 40mg + Ashwagandha 50mg + Vitamins + Minerals

Multivitamins are a combination of many different vitamins that are normally found in foods and other natural sources.

Multivitamins are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through the diet. Multivitamins are also used to treat vitamin deficiencies (lack of vitamins) caused by illness, pregnancy, poor nutrition, digestive disorders, and many other conditions.

Gasolaze D

Rabeprazole 20mg, Domperidome 10mg (As IR Pellet)

Trusted Choice In Hyperacidity & Teflux

  • Complete Acid Suppression
  • Fostest Relif From Heart Burn, Bloating And Bleaching
  • Prevention Of Acid Reflux
  • Faster Gastric Emptying


  • GERD

Cefixime 200mg. And Lactic Acid Bacillus 60million Spores

  • Broad spectum antibiotic with activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms
  • Highly stable in the presence of beta-lactamase enzymes
  • More active than co-trimoxazole against providencia stuarti, Proteus vulgaris and klebsiella species
  • Prime choice for switch therapy (from parenteral to oral) owing to its very good efficacy and safety profile

with Added advantage of Lactic Acid Bacillus For Faster Recovery & restoring health

  • Typhoid
  • Upper Respiratory Tract
  • Pharyngitis & Tonsilitis
  • Middle Ear Infection
  • Paranasal Sinuses
  • associated with antibiotic
  • Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • GIT Infection

Cefixime 200mg + Ofloxacin 200mg + And Lactic Acid Bacillus 60million Spores Ofloxacin

  • Excaliert senilnity towards all Syphi isolated
  • Boord Spectrum Antibiolic (Acive Against Gram Negative & Ancerobes)
  • Penetration into body fissues and Feld is highly efficient
  • Fast Fever Control in 4 days
  • Elective incase of Drug resistant bacteria
  • Highly Stable in the presence of belo-lactomase Enzymes

Powerful Antibiotic with High Efficacy and Safety....

with Added advantage of Lactic Acid Bacillus For Faster Recovery & restoring health
  • Typhoid Fever
  • UTI
  • RTI
  • SSTI
  • Nosocomial Infection
  • Surgical Prophylaxis
  • Infra Abdominal Infection

Calcium Citrate Malate, Magnesium, Zinc, & Vitamin D3 Tablets

Calcium Citrate Malte 250mg + Magnesium 100mg + Zinc 4mg + Vitamin D3 200IU

Calcium Citrate Maleate

The most bio-available form of calcium lens are absorbed directly into intestinal cells, and the citrate complex enters the through paracellular absorbtion.

Vitamin D3

Useful calcium absorption & bone formation prevents rickets and osteoporosis


Reduces risk of osteoporosis


Vital for foetal development







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